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Caryl & Jay Casbon are having conversations about the Side by Side book and project. Check back for more links to podcasts and articles.

Awe Inspired and Ready to Retire Podcast, Episode #86: How aging couples are thriving and finding meaning in retirement

Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson are joined by Caryl and Jay Casbon. They have a really interesting story about travelling across the country in their RV, interviewing hundreds of couples about their committed aging relationships. They are the co-authors of Side by Side: The Sacred Art of Couples Aging with Wisdom & Love, released June 27, 2023. Their book, offers a rare window into the intimate challenges and joys of couples fiercely committed to thriving and evolving in long-term partnerships, especially while aging.

Learn more about:

  • Discover the intimate challenges and joys of long-term partnerships as couples age and evolve together.
  • Receive valuable retirement advice, including navigating health issues, evolving relationships with adult children, finding meaning post-career,
  • Learn practical tips for nurturing love and mutual understanding in retirement.

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Recorded Nov 6, 2023.

Love is Us Today Podcast, Episode #45: Love During the Twilight Years

What does it take for couples to create a loving relationship that will last through retirement and beyond? Join host and Relationship and Self-Development Coach Karin Calde for this conversation with Jay and Caryl Casbon, who set out to learn the answers to that question.

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Recorded Nov 28, 2023.

How To! Podcast from Slate Magazine: How to Build a  Marriage That Lasts

To celebrate their third wedding anniversary, Anjali and Rahul are each selecting a surprise activity to do together. This happy couple loves spontaneity, so they’re concerned about someday growing bored in their relationship. They’re also feeling pressure to mark the traditional milestones of marriage, including having kids. On this episode of How To! with host Courtney Martin, authors Caryl and Jay Casbon join us to share the wisdom they gained from interviewing other married couples for their book Side by Side. The Casbons draw upon their own 22-year marriage to urge Anjali and Rahul to face conflict with openness and focus on individual “inner work”—in order to grow together. 

Recorded Nov 07, 2023. Also, you can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any of the other various podcast platforms.

How To! Podcast logo from Slate magazine.

Commitment, Aging and Spirituality: An Interview by Dr. Bruce Chalmer

How can we age well? As the proportion of the population above 65 continues to grow, this question is occupying more and more of our minds. Caryl and Jay talk with couples therapist Dr. Bruce Chalmer, author of Reigniting the Spark, and his co-host and wife, Judy Alexander.

For the audio-only version of this podcast, visit https://ctin7.com.

Aired August 11, 2023. See original post here.

The Courage to Love and Be Loved

“What would it be like to be with couples who weren’t afraid to talk about their inner lives, weren’t afraid to look at some of the wounding that has happened in their marriage, and talk about how they work through this stuff. And also how would aging impact all of that.” The Casbons are interviewed by Shelly L. Francis, founder of Creative Courage Press. Recording date: July 12, 2023.