Chapter Twelve: Blessed is the Couple Who Extends Mercy and Forgiveness

Michael and Eileen Heaton

If love is the answer then community is the context and tenderness is the methodology.

Fr. Greg Boyle

Homeboy Industries

Eileen and Michael met at a New York City theater audition in 1978 and were married on stage in Myrtle Beach, SC in August 1979.  Our lives have been entwined in business, domestic life, spiritual curiosity, and development for 40+ years. 

Both Michael and Eileen have degrees in the performing arts and have followed the thread of creativity, hard work, novelty, and an entrepreneurial spirit in live theater, restaurants/hospitality, teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring. 

We currently live on the Deschutes River in downtown Bend, OR and have lived in Central Oregon for more than 25 years.