Chapter Seven: Blessed is the Couple Who Enjoys the Fruits of Mutuality

Sally Hare and Jim Rogers

“We have so many old people and so few elders.”

Charles Eisenstein

Sally Z. Hare and Jim R. Rogers met by taking advantage of the opportunity to slip through a tiny “window in time”; if they had blinked, they would have missed it!  And now they have gained too much weight to go back through it, so they are happily stuck! Sally is a lifelong teacher and learner, feminist, and activist who loves dogs and her ocean, and thought she was a committed bachelor until, in midlife, she found in Jim the wife she had always wanted!  Jim, after 40 years in television and radio and advertising in Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, and Los Angeles, returned to his Southern roots with a new career as a family and parenting educator and a passion for helping parents understand the importance of their relationship with their children.  They live in the mountain cottage of their dreams on the South Carolina coast, where they are intentionally connecting soul and role to become elders instead of just old.